About us

Gigev Plastic Industries is a reputed Monofilament Rope manufacturing company. The factory was established by Mr. Devang Senta and Mr. Dipesh Senta at Mahuva, Dist Bhavnagar, Gujarat. It is a leading organization and has proven to be a successful venture that is involved in the manufacture of many plastic products such as of Monofilament Rope, Twine, Niwar, Yarn, Fishing Twine, Fishing Net & Clothes, etc. With the use of excellent quality raw material, we have been able to produce products with wonderful quality, strength and flexibility. Our company has successfully garnered lot of praises and demand from the customers.

Gigev Plastic Industries make sure that the requirements of the consumers are met by regularly taking their advices. The storage, safety of the products and the delivery of the products ordered are taken care of. We never give any chance to the costumers to complain as we have all the amenities that are needed at our warehouse. The customers get cost effective products as they optimize and improve designs and give total value for money to its clients. Their ultimate goal is in giving their best to the customers as they believe in delivering superior quality products with the widest and most comprehensive range of ropes.

Gigev Plastic Industries have an excellent team of qualified professionals who can give the perfect plastic products to their customers as this is their first concern. The company has earned reputation over the years because of the services they provide and their consistency in the service quality. The company has achieved exemplary success even in the international sector and gained a lot of popularity. Since inception of this company till today, the company still stands strong in this field.

Vision & Mission

Gigev Plastic Industries visualizes becoming the winner in the extremely competitive market while contributing the strengths of the company to different areas.